The Magic Of Reading Transforms A Child's Passion For School & Life!

Is Your Child A Slow Reader or Does He Have ADHD?

Are You Frustrated With Your Child’s Lack of Success at School - and Behavior Problems
That Go Along With Being a Poor Student?

Are You Afraid of Another Year of No Real School Progress?

What you do now for your child who is not reading at an advanced level - or even a basic level for his grade matters. You have to take the matter into your hands and HAVE TO MAKE A BIG TRANSFORMATION before it’s too late. The clock is ticking…

Everything in school depends on reading. If your child hasn’t mastered reading, he won’t master life. Yet, the schools have NO SUCCESSFUL STRATEGY to help kids who can’t read at grade level after 3rd grade. Experts say that a child’s reading level in 4th grade predicts whether or not that child will have a greater chance of ending up in prison.


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NEWLY RELEASED – Read 5 Books In a Week Program ‘Saves’ Poor Readers and Makes Good Readers Faster, Better Readers Excited About Learning!

dreamstime_m_9799619-kid-got-straight-AsImagine your children so ignited with passion for learning and reading after they finish reading their first 5 books in a week. Now they excel at something. They see it’s possible to master reading – and every week their results are even more astounding.

Then imagine the excitement of your child as he informs your visiting friends he read five books on whales and starts sharing all the details he learned. Your child shines socially like never before! Confidence emanates from him!

What children won’t tell you is that more than anything else, they want to be smart. They want to accomplish something early in life – not wait until they are in their 30s to achieve something great. Reading 5 books in a week is a major accomplishment. It’s your child’s first step to success after success in LIFE.

This Summer Your Child Could Read 20 or More Books, Love Reading & Learning,
and Become an Expert in One or More Topics

Now That's Real Progress!

Successful Program Already Proven To Boost Reading Scores

Group shot of 5th gradersTested and proven on over 60 children who successfully completed the program in only one week, the Read 5 Books in a Week Program is designed for your children to excel in reading fluency, comprehension, and spelling, think faster, and get excited about learning. Why? Every child sees his/her own progress from the first day they begin reading. Every child in our pilot studies excelled in reading after this program was initiated, including those with learning disabilities, autism, and those who weren’t ever interested in scholastics. Some children’s scores increased three grade levels, something unheard of in schools. The more books the students read, the more they wanted to read.

The Longer You Wait, The More Your Child is Harmed by Poor Reading

dreamstime_m_25366063-young-teen-girl-reading-bookMany parents have prayed for a solution for their child’s inability to read, lack of motivation, or desire to be better scholastically. They understand the ramifications of the inability to read and know there’s a connection to drug use, high school dropouts, and prison. These parents found their solution with this program.

By starting the program with your children, many parents receive an extra benefit themselves – they start reading 5 books a week, too!

Don’t wait any longer for someone else to help your child eliminate reading deficiencies when you can finally take the matter into your own hands.

Watch the children’s honest videos and the teacher’s testimony, and read about this life-transforming Million Dollar Memory Program right now – and get all your children reading this summer!


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