FAQ About the Read 5 Books
in a Week Reading Program

R5Books wSpecReportWhen you purchase the Read 5 Books in A Week Program, you may purchase the entire program (recommended) or start out simply with the kids’ version book by itself.
The entire package includes the following:
  • How to Read 5 Books in a Week (kids version)
  • How to Read 5 Books in a Week (teens/adult version)
  • Parents’ Guide to How to Read 5 Books in a Week
  • Lesson plans for working with your child
  • Special E-Report: Become A Spelling Master by Having Fun with Words
  • Special E-Report: Is Your Child’s Breakfast Interfering With Learning?
  • Audio versions of these books
Your entire family will benefit from the program. The Parents’ Guide explains how to easily adapt the step-by-step method to children of different ages. This book includes the philosophy that makes the program successful. The Lesson Plans ebook is full of activities that can be used in your family and is perfectly adaptable for home schooling. Check out about Full Program here
dreamstime_m_26711450 young bk girl holds trophy copyWhen you and your child have the ability to read five books in a week, there are many benefits that await you.
Benefits could include:
  • reading scores and reading level quickly improve
  • reading comprehension improves
  • better short-term and long-term memory
  • higher grades
  • increased confidence
  • improved spelling ability and higher spelling grades
  • desire to read longer books without prompting
  • passion for learning
  • improved fluency in reading
  • fear of school and schoolwork gone
  • more sociable, and you want to talk about what you read
  • greater respect from peer group and teachers
  • and more
These benefits have already been documented in children who have used the program. If your children receive additional benefits not listed here, let us know! Check out Benefits of Read 5 Books in a Week Program at here
No. Using books from your library is recommended.  Most libraries allow about 20 books to be checked out at any one time; however, your child only needs five books each week. Check out more here...
Other students with ADHD have been captivated by the Read 5 Books in A Week Program and have read five or more books in a week. Your child is expected to gain a lot of benefits from it, just as the other ADHD students did. Please watch the videos of the other children who used this program.
The ebook explaining the method that he will use is full of pictures and written in a conversational manner to engage him. The five books your child chooses to read are books he is interested in, not academic books he could care less about. There’s every reason for him to succeed with this program and love it!
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dreamstime_m_9799619-kid-got-straight-AsAll children (and adults) learn at their own pace. Your children who are top students will master the program quickly – and will need only a little help. Slow learners need a little more direction from you but will master the program quickly. The Read 5 Books in a Week Program was tested in fourth and fifth graders and found to be 100% successful, no matter what level of reading the student had initially. Some fifth graders had reading levels of third grade when starting the program, and long before the end of the school year, their reading skills had risen to sixth grade level. All slow learners and fast learners finished the Read 5 Books in A Week Program and achieved the status of Super Reader. Check out more only here
dreamstime_m_26789298-girl-carrying-lots-of-books copyThe fact that your daughter is already excelling is a tribute to all the time you have devoted to her. A student may be excelling at school, however, and not be passionate about learning and about reading. She may become bored at some later time – and without the internal motivation for learning and reading, the academic status already achieved may be lost.
Schools are full of students who are excelling but don’t have a passion for learning. Passion for learning can easily become a driving force that helps create an “I won’t give up” attitude in life. Your child will soon realize many problems can be solved by reading and researching.
Reading five books in a week means reading 200+ books a year. As the months continue and your child keeps reading, you’ll see him or her blossoming as a very smart child, excited about life and every adventure. This attitude is infectious.
A child unmotivated to do homework may be covering up an underlying reading or learning problem. The Read 5 Books in a Week Reading Program is designed to give children accomplishments they can be proud of. This program may be exactly what he needs to provide the direction that will change the course of his life. Learn how to make Reading a Fun Event, Click here
Yes. Reading five books in a week is a big accomplishment and one that occurs in only one week. Students rapidly transform their attitude about learning with this program. Your child will want to continue reading 5 books in a week again and again. Remember that the benefits your child receives from this program are cumulative, and the longer your child reads, the better you will feel about your investment in this program. Watch What Happened to Children In Only A Week On the Program, click here
The results your child gets from this reading program are cumulative. As your child builds up cognitive skills, there are fewer reasons for additional tutoring. However, some children have a learning style that is dependent on a mentor; they thrive best with tutors
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Yes, definitely. Many adults fell through the ‘cracks’ at school and never gained the skills of reading at a high level. There’s no better time to learn these skills than right now with your children – and no better program than this one. You’ll also discover the ease in adapting this program to your busy life. To check out more click here
Group shot of 5th gradersGo to the order page. Different options will appear for you to choose from, depending on your budget and commitment level. Entire Program:  If you want benefits for your entire family, click the entire program for $197. You will receive all parts of the program. The first part is the kids’ version of the Read 5 Books in A Week series of books. This is the foundational book for the entire program and the one you will read with your child. You’ll also get the Teens/Adult version of the book that explains how to modify the method for older learner, including yourself. The next part of the program is the Parents Guide, which explains how to modify the method to children who learn differently or are different academically. You’ll also receive the two Special Reports on Spelling Mastery and Nutritional Breakfasts to energize your child’s brain. The Read 5 Books in a Week Entire package also includes audio versions of these books as they are released. The Entire Package program may be purchased in hard copy form or ebook form. With the hard copy version, you will also receive the ebooks. Allow about 2 weeks for the physical books to arrive, but get started on the program right away by using the ebooks. There is another option for you to choose: the Kids’ Version Only: You may decide to start with only the kids’ version. If so, click the Kids’ Version Order button and you’ll receive the ebook or ebook and the hard copy. We always recommend the hard copy versions because studies show better retention of what is read when a physical book is in your hands. All Orders:  For all orders, you will enter your credit card information. Then follow the instructions in your order confirmation email. If anything goes wrong with the process, send us an email or give us a call right away
If you need additional help with the program, you may purchase our Read 5 Books in a Week Tutoring Program. This option is only available for those who have purchased the entire program. Tutoring is group style and done via the internet; thus you must have internet access for the Tutoring Program. Contact us directly at 916-649-8323 or via email to find out when the next Tutoring Program starts.
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