11. How do I get started?

Group shot of 5th gradersGo to the order page. Different options will appear for you to choose from, depending on your budget and commitment level.

Entire Program:  If you want benefits for your entire family, click the entire program for $197. You will receive all parts of the program. The first part is the kids’ version of the Read 5 Books in A Week series of books. This is the foundational book for the entire program and the one you will read with your child.

You’ll also get the Teens/Adult version of the book that explains how to modify the method for older learner, including yourself.

The next part of the program is the Parents Guide, which explains how to modify the method to children who learn differently or are different academically. You’ll also receive the two Special Reports on Spelling Mastery and Nutritional Breakfasts to energize your child’s brain.

The Read 5 Books in a Week Entire package also includes audio versions of these books as they are released. The Entire Package program may be purchased in hard copy form or ebook form. With the hard copy version, you will also receive the ebooks. Allow about 2 weeks for the physical books to arrive, but get started on the program right away by using the ebooks.

There is another option for you to choose: the Kids’ Version Only: You may decide to start with only the kids’ version. If so, click the Kids’ Version Order button and you’ll receive the ebook or ebook and the hard copy. We always recommend the hard copy versions because studies show better retention of what is read when a physical book is in your hands.

All Orders:  For all orders, you will enter your credit card information. Then follow the instructions in your order confirmation email. If anything goes wrong with the process, send us an email or give us a call right away


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