6. My daughter is already brilliant and excels at school. Why does she need this program?

dreamstime_m_26789298-girl-carrying-lots-of-books copyThe fact that your daughter is already excelling is a tribute to all the time you have devoted to her. A student may be excelling at school, however, and not be passionate about learning and about reading. She may become bored at some later time – and without the internal motivation for learning and reading, the academic status already achieved may be lost.

Schools are full of students who are excelling but don’t have a passion for learning. Passion for learning can easily become a driving force that helps create an “I won’t give up” attitude in life. Your child will soon realize many problems can be solved by reading and researching.

Reading five books in a week means reading 200+ books a year. As the months continue and your child keeps reading, you’ll see him or her blossoming as a very smart child, excited about life and every adventure. This attitude is infectious.


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