5. One of my children is a fast learner. The other is a slow learner. Can I use the program with both children?

dreamstime_m_9799619-kid-got-straight-AsAll children (and adults) learn at their own pace. Your children who are top students will master the program quickly – and will need only a little help. Slow learners need a little more direction from you but will master the program quickly.

The Read 5 Books in a Week Program was tested in fourth and fifth graders and found to be 100% successful, no matter what level of reading the student had initially.
Some fifth graders had reading levels of third grade when starting the program, and long before the end of the school year, their reading skills had risen to sixth grade level.

All slow learners and fast learners finished the Read 5 Books in A Week Program and achieved the status of Super Reader.

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