2. What type of benefits can I expect from the program?

dreamstime_m_26711450 young bk girl holds trophy copyWhen you and your child have the ability to read five books in a week, there are many benefits that await you.

Benefits could include:

  • reading scores and reading level quickly improve
  • reading comprehension improves
  • better short-term and long-term memory
  • higher grades
  • increased confidence
  • improved spelling ability and higher spelling grades
  • desire to read longer books without prompting
  • passion for learning
  • improved fluency in reading
  • fear of school and schoolwork gone
  • more sociable, and you want to talk about what you read
  • greater respect from peer group and teachers
  • and more

These benefits have already been documented in children who have used the program. If your children receive additional benefits not listed here, let us know!

Check out Benefits of Read 5 Books in a Week Program at here


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