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Tuesday, December 12th 2017

Whether your children are A students or D/F students, they have something in common. They all want to believe they are smart and want to be respected because they are smart. They all want to get good grades in school and please you with a good report card. They’re looking for your guidance in helping them achieve success.

The difference between good and poor students is that some children don’t know what to do to read successfully and study effectively. Nearly all students don’t know how to maximize their school experience to better themselves in the future.

I’m here to help your children achieve all these goals and more with my Read 5 Books in A Week Reading Program.

R5Books wSpecReport

It’s a program where a new passion for reading and learning is awakened in your child, one that could completely change the course of their lives.

With this program, children are inspired to dream big in life – because they see how to achieve greatness in a strategic way with reading.

The Inner Psychology of a Child Who Can’t Read

dreamstime_m_26920787-mom-and-boy-webWhen children cannot read well, they can’t fit into our modern day world that well. On a deep level, they feel this, too – and begin to search for other things in society that can give them the satisfaction of feeling they are okay. It’s no wonder that children turn to drugs and alcohol even more than ever.

More than half of all students nationwide are not proficient in reading, yet reading is the basic foundational skill for all other scholastic achievements.

I couldn’t sit back and let this keep happening any longer – and that’s why I created the Read 5 Books in A Week Reading Program. My pilot studies on the program included 4th and 5th graders, some of the most difficult students to improve reading scores on, and they improved drastically in one week.

The children were on fire for reading because they had a method that worked and they did what many people never do – read 5 books in a week.

One little change in what they were doing allowed them to finally focus on reading and learning so they wouldn’t EVER have to resort to alcohol or drugs for feeling that they were okay.

Now they have the knowledge of millions of authors around the world at their fingertips through reading. Their lives could become something great and they were no longer a potential victim of deadbeat jobs and the life of a school dropout. These children were now ‘addicted’ to reading and intellectual achievement.

Your Child’s Success / Failure in Life is Tied to His Psychology

As adults, we tend to take reading for granted. We somehow miss seeing the inner turmoil of a child who dreamstime_m_4824784-psychology-brain-pieces-webcan’t read.

The early years are the time when reading must be mastered.

Imagine where your child could be after learning this new skill. You must intervene now while we still have the chance to turn the situation around. Waiting another six months or even a year means months of time your child is telling himself he is not smart. And frankly, waiting is doing a lot of neurological damage to him. His brain is laying down neural tracts for either success or failure right now and every day as he is growing. It’s a lot more difficult to change these tracts in the brain the older he gets.

Supply the Reason for Passion in Learning and Your Child Does the Rest

Your child’s school is doing the best they can. However, many of the children who can’t read at a third grade reading level aren’t going to get any further help in the school system. They’ll be passed along to the next teacher and the next, and could end up graduating without being able to read the diploma!

This is evident in the reading scores across the nation – take a peak at the scores on our Reading Statistics page.

Schools have reading programs for children up to third grade – but if your child can’t progress to the next level of reading, there’s trouble and failure ahead. The schools have no successful programs for children past third grade.

The evidence of this is quite clear: Children keep graduating with low reading levels. 21 million Americans can’t read at all and 50% of young adults entering the work force are functionally illiterate. Twenty percent of high school grads can’t read their diplomas.

The school curriculum is geared to meet minimal standards, and will never be modified to gear your child to super-achievement. Your child will never read five books a week at school, and the minimal standards at school never include a passion for reading and learning.

dreamstime_m_34550890-boy-tie-achievement-and-success-webYet, once a child has passion for reading and learning, that passion lasts the child’s entire life! The same passion that this little boy is expressing in the picture is the passion for learning you want to grow in him during his entire life.

You’ll witness your child’s passion grow for yourself with this Read 5 Books in a Week program. Once your child realizes she can achieve something that very few adults achieve, a new light appears in her eyes. She has the opportunity to achieve something big – and will go for it!

rainbowYou see, a young child’s pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is the ability to read – and when he or she can master reading five books in a week after only one week, a change occurs in behavior towards reading, schoolwork and learning.

There’s no doubt about it. The How To Read 5 Books in a Week Reading Program is exactly what you need.

childDeveloped and tested in 4th and 5th graders who were reading at, above or below their present grade level, this program made massive changes in all their young lives. As the children continued reading, the results unfolded, bringing benefits that did not stop.

No child was left behind. All students began reading at the appropriate level for their age while many others exceeded that level.

With Million Dollar Memory programs, we have put every bit of our research and development funds for the last 5+ years into creating programs that will work for:

  • children with substandard reading level
  • children who have already mastered reading
  • teens with every reading leve
  • parents who haven’t yet had the opportunity to master reading

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-dog-reads-book-image19080678We plant the seeds of passion for reading and learning with each program. This is why our programs are perfect for children in the public school system, in private schools or even in homeschooling.

Because it’s based on solid neurophysiological principles of learning, the How to Read 5 Books in a Week Program can work for you – as long as you’re human!

Unfortunately, we haven’t cracked the code yet on how to teach dogs to read five books in a week. We’re still working on it but have a plan…

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-child-reading-image19739940Here’s a question for you: do your children look forward to learning and going to school?

Do they show a passion for learning like the little girl in this picture? This is the little girl on the cover of our books.

If not, there’s something missing, and it’s one of the most foundational keys needed for your child’s success in school and in life.

The passion is missing from school kids, say their teachers. Yet, once your child has passion for reading and learning, nothing stands in his way for academic success. And that’s what you’re getting when you get this Read 5 Books in a Week Reading Program.

Specific Benefits to the Read 5 Books Program

What are the benefits? They’re actually incalculable and unstoppable because once your child catches the inspiration, there’s no place to go but up and up and up. You lay down seeds of promise, seeds of passion, seeds of excitement for learning, and seeds for success once your child gets started.

Benefits Already Seen in the Children Tested

  • Immediate improvement in the ability to read
  • Fluency of reading improves
  • Faster reading
  • Faster thinking
  • Confidence in reading ability and improved reading comprehension
  • Better spelling grades
  • AR scores jump to where they should be, and then surpass that level
  • Attention span and thinking speed improves
  • Short-term and long-term memory improvements

dreamstime_m_29912749-girl-jumping-in-joy-webThe longer your child continues to use the Read 5 Books in a Week Program, the more knowledge he’s gaining.

The more he knows, the smarter he’ll feel.

The smarter he feels, the more confident he becomes.

And as a parent watching this happen, you can’t help but jump for joy yourself!

It’s All About Bringing Out the Very Best in Your Child

Your child’s future is unlimited with this program. She could become an expert in several different topics by the end of the next school year.

He could amaze all your friends at your next dinner party with what he knows about dinosaurs or whales. And who knows where that knowledge will lead to; perhaps he’ll be the youngest tour guide on a whaling tour boat or the next amazing scientist who cracks the code on talking to whales.

Or maybe he’ll identify dinosaur bones in your backyard that leads to the next major dinosaur find of the century.

Whatever topics your child reads five books on from now on, you’ll rest assured that every dollar you spent on this program has given you multiple rewards.

This makes this one investment in your child’s education worth much more than that last computer game or software, and even all the previous books and educational toys you’ve purchased in the last year.

But Here’s a Secret – The Reading Program Isn’t Only for Your Child. It’s for You, as Well

Reading statistics show us that the children aren’t the only ones who are escaping the school system without mastering reading.

  • About 46% of adults can’t read the labels on their prescription medications.
  • 21 million Americans can’t read at all.
  • 44 million adults don’t read well enough to read a child a story.
  • And since the 1980s, over 10 million Americans made it to their senior year in high school with less than basic reading level.

It’s a sensitive topic, but you may be one of the adults in these statistics right now. It doesn’t matter because you can change all that with the Read 5 Books in a Week Program.

Not only will your children succeed with the program, but you and your entire family will succeed, too. One of the books in the program is for teens and adults.

How you do reading is a reflection of how confident you are, how smart you feel, and how you act.

family-togetherness-webWhat would you do with a faster reading and faster thinking speed? What would you do when you have three new areas of expertise? How much more valued will you be in your job and amongst your friends?

What if your entire family took on the challenge of reading 5 books in a week?

You see, it’s not just the better grades, greater self-confidence and the feeling that life is an awesome adventure and all problems are manageable that you should consider.

Imagine it this way. When your entire family takes on this challenge, you’re all developing your personalities to a whole new dimension.

At the dinner table, you’re most likely to talk about ideas and changing the world instead of problems and what other people did that offended you. This only enhances the feeling of togetherness.

family-togetherness2-webAnd when one of life’s many challenges like a financial situation presents itself, your family won’t act like a lot of other families. Your kids will simply get busy reading since reading solves just about every problem that could arise.

Johnny reads five books on the latest technological inventions to invest in.

Sara reads five books on how kids can earn cash.

Jarad reads five books on negotiation tactics in every situation.

And Randy reads five books on how to streamline one’s finances.

The net result is that your family’s reading ability opened up a whole new dimension to a better life and solved your problem.

How would your family fare without the Read 5 Books in A Week Reading Program?

It’s your choice. Get the program now and never wonder what life could have been like…

What’s Included in the How to Read 5 Books in a Week Full Program

R5Books wSpecReport

Here’s what you’ll get in this innovative and revolutionary program:


1. The Ebook, How to Read 5 Books in a Week, Kids Version (for grades 3- 8)

  • Inside you’ll find all the information to set them on track to earn their first achievement award of reading 5 books in a week.
  • Get introduced to a real-life little girl role model who read 875 books in one year.
  • Learn the principles of goal-setting that work time and time again.
  • Learn how to incorporate audio books into your plan.
  • Wow your teacher with awesome book reports.
  • Learn 6 note-taking mistakes even the best students make and learn how to avoid them.
  • Start your reading log that will last a lifetime.
  • Write your oral book report in 5 minutes using your notes.

SparkBonfire-webChange that small spark of desire for learning into a flaming bonfire this week.

This book gives your child the tools to make this week the transformational journey he or she has been waiting for!

2. The Ebook, How to Read 5 Books in a Week, Teen/Adult Version

How you do reading is a reflection of how you do life. This book delves into more of the psychological aspects of reading. You’ll find:

  • imagea section on soul wounds picked up at school that block the learning process. Fear not – this reading program is designed to give you a way to overcome soul wounds quickly by offering high levels of success that eliminates their hold on you.
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms in you or any of your children of a common but little known learning disability called Auditory Processing Disorder, and how to overcome it. (Hint: This program will help.)
  • Read the story of Chase, the border collie dog owned by a psychologist and famous for his vocabulary of over 1000 words. Discover how your passion for learning could match Chase’s insatiable desire for learning.
  • Discover how to develop new areas of expertise that grow your confidence and lead to a bright new future unfolding.

With this version, you’ll of course, learn the Read 5 Books method, and increase your reading speed and comprehension but there’s so much more here.

3. Ebook, (Parents Version) How to Help Your Child Read 5 Books in a Week

The average adult only reads 10 books in a year, so when your children read 5 books in a week, it calls for a big celebration!

Reading this book gets you ready for your children’s big achievement!

In this book, you’ll learn the philosophy behind the program along with the best way to easily fit this program into your present daily routine.

Gain confidence in guiding your children through the program. Quickly understand the minimal steps you’ll need to take after the first week of success.

In this book, you’ll also discover:

  • Three foundational principles that set the stage for your child to read and learn fast
  • A fail-proof method for a child who wants to give up before starting
  •  How to vary your approach to children with different attitudes toward reading
  • Why your personal philosophy about time can kill your child’s desire for reading and how to change it today
  • How to adapt the Read 5 Books in a Week Program in other ways to meet all the needs of all your children.

Get ready to reward your children for this achievement! It’s the first of many to come.

4. Lesson Plans Book

It always helps to have lesson plans that you don't have to create yourself. In this book, you simply follow the lesson plans step-by-step, along day by day from the start of the program to the very end.

H2HFW-SpecReport Spelling 2x3-web

5. Special Report: Have Fun with Words and Become a Spelling Master

Many children have great difficulty with spelling until they learn the trick of how to have fun with spelling. This special report will help them break through their spelling barrier.

3D 2x3 Breakfastweb

6. Special Report: Is Your Child’s Breakfast Interfering with Learning?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Did you know that breakfast directly impacts your child's moods and learning ability? Find out how to make a change overnight and increase your child's attention span, focus and improve grades through a better diet.

7. Ebook versions

are sent to you of each of these books so no time is wasted.

8. Physical copies of the books

will also be mailed out to you within two weeks.

9. Audio versions of the books

will be available to you as soon as they are released.

10. Reading Superstars Hall of Fame Eligibility

Your purchase of the Read 5 Books in a Week Program gives you entry into the Million Dollar Memory registry of Reading Superstars, once your child completes reading his first five books in a week and 20 books in a month.

A certificate is provided after all requirements are met. This could be your child’s first achievement in life, and one he’ll remember for the rest of his life. And certainly he can talk about this honor at his first job interview a few years down the road. Every future employer wants employees who aren’t afraid of learning! Reading opens doors in life!

No Risk to You!!
7 Day Money Back Guarantee!


No Risk To You, We are so confident that this program will work for your children that your Read 5 Books in a Week Program is guaranteed for the first seven days after your purchase. Why seven days? Because the program is designed to help your child read five books in a week, not a month. Our program has been successful with every child that has used it as instructed and we stand behind our 100% money back guarantee for the first 7 days.

Get the Read 5 Books in A Week Entire Program for the entire family for $197

Or Order the Kids Book and start out with the foundation

Get the Read 5 Books in A Week Kids Book for $79
Kids Version

Your child is depending on your wise decision about the Read 5 Books in a Week Reading Program. In many ways, your child is like a small raft tossed about on ocean waters during an oncoming storm. He needs you to scoop him and the raft up out of the raging water before it’s too late. The door with solutions has opened for you with this Read 5 Books in a Week Reading Program but every day you wait, your child gets farther and farther away from the open door. Order your family’s copy today and get started! You’re only one week away from changing your child’s reading ability, school success – and your entire family’s future.



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