How to Earn Money To Pay for The Program


If you are a homeschooling parent, check with your Homeschooling district to see if reading programs are covered and may be reimbursed. They are reimbursed in California and other states should do the same.

If not, go to Plan B. Check with relatives to see if they can pitch in and help you get the program. Send them to this site so they can see for themselves what this Read 5 Books in A Week Program is all about. Don’t forget to invite them over to learn the program with you when you get it!

If Plan B does not work, go to Plan C. This is where your children will have to do a fundraiser for themselves in the neighborhood and amongst friends. Everyone wants to see children read better, faster and get good grades and your friends may help them out.

Your fundraiser could also be based on how many books your child reads every week for four weeks, and perhaps they could donate $0.50 or $1.00 per book your child reads. Remember that the fourth graders in our pilot study were so excited about reading that they read 8 books in a week so this may be 32 books. That’s equal to $16-$32 for the month from someone who is donating.

You would probably do best by asking the donor to donate half of the money upfront and the other half when your child completes the reading. Here’s a chart to help you see what is involved to raise the $197 for the full program:

#Donors If Pay in Full

Donation Total # Donors If Paying Half#Donors If Pay in Full
$1.00/book$20.00 2010

Your best bet is to go for at least $1.00 per book from those who are helping you fundraise.

Need another option? There’s always Plan D. This is where your children get hired to help friends for a few hours doing things they are good at, such as vacuuming, washing the car, helping clean out refrigerators, etc. In this method, your child earns the money for the Read 5 Books in A Week Program.