How to Set A Summer Reading Goal

dreamstime_m_26711450 young bk girl holds trophy copyYou haven’t yet had the chance to read through the Read 5 Books in a Week Program but you may already be wondering how many books your child could read this summer. Set your goal on a minimum of 20 books, or 5 books a week for 4 weeks.

During the first week, it will take your child the most time to read the books because he/she is getting used to the process. The second week will go faster, and every week after that will also shave time off the process. You may want to strategically plan the first week to coincide with a week you can devote to the process.

For example, if your child is heading out to summer camp next week, that’s not a good time to begin the program. Wait until he returns from summer camp to start, and while he’s gone, you can become familiar with the program and know exactly what to do when he returns.

Once your child achieves the first goal of first five books in a week, don’t see this as a final goal. Think long term. If your child continues reading five books a week for six months, she will have read 120 books in that time period. She is gaining knowledge and understanding many topics important for her future.

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