What’s in the How to Read 5 Books in a Week Kids Book?

Here’s what you’ll find inside the pages of the How to Read 5 Books in A Week (Kids Version) Book for your children:

1. The Ebook, How to Read 5 Books in a Week, Kids Version (for grades 3- 8)

  • Inside you’ll find all the information to set them on track to earn their first achievement award of reading 5 books in a week.
  • Get introduced to a real-life little girl role model who read 875 books in one year.
  • Learn the principles of goal-setting that work time and time again.
  • Learn how to incorporate audio books into your plan.
  • Wow your teacher with awesome book reports.
  • Learn 6 note-taking mistakes even the best students make and learn how to avoid them.
  • Start your reading log that will last a lifetime.
  • Write your oral book report in 5 minutes using your notes.

SparkBonfire-webChange that small spark of desire for learning into a flaming bonfire this week. This book gives your child the tools to make this week the transformational journey he or she has been waiting for!

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No Risk To You, We are so confident that this program will work for your children that your Read 5 Books in a Week Program is guaranteed for the first seven days after your purchase. Why seven days? Because the program is designed to help your child read five books in a week, not a month. Our program has been successful with every child that has used it as instructed and we stand behind our 100% money back guarantee for the first 7 days.

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