Message to Homeschooling Parents


Homeschooling parents must be the busiest parents on the planet! Not only do they have to continue with normal household chores and usual parenting responsibilities but they also have to teach their young children reading, writing and arithmetic. Older children have a lot more to learn – history, geography, algebra, health… That’s a lot – and every homeschooling parent deserves an award for juggling it all year after year.

Some of the homeschooling moms in California have informed us at Million Dollar Memory that reading programs up to $200 may be reimbursed by the state since reading is a priority, and one reading program may be purchased per school year or semester. You’ll have to check this out yourself for whatever state you currently live in.

If you can get reimbursed for the Read 5 Books in A Week Program, that’s a big cost savings to your family budget.

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