All Reading Programs are Not Alike


Why does a family communicate better when they read together?

“For several reasons. First of all, when everyone is reading, they are learning new things that are expanding their brain,” Dr. Donna replied. “This creates a need to share what was learned. Learning about new ideas is exciting. We all have thoughts about different things, and reading shows us that the way we thought about a topic could be different. It’s natural to want to share new information with others.”

“Secondly, reading books on some topics gives us new skills. For example, reading about bicycles could help a teen learn how to fix his bike. This encourages parental support, and the experience becomes a learning moment for both, and the experience is memorable in the future.”

“Thirdly, reading books contributes to expertise on a topic, which commands respect. If you’re sitting at the dinner table and your child begins talking about horses, sharing new facts, you really can’t dispute those facts because you haven’t read the books yourself. You begin to give the child respect – and he/she feels it. Respect always enhances relationships,” Dr. Donna said.

Why Can’t I Just Tell My Child To Go Read 5 Books?

With these three benefits of the entire family reading books, you’ll need to know how to start the process right away. Can you use any method?

“No, not at all,” Dr. Donna stated. “Some schools have tried programs where children had contests to read as many books as they could. These are largely unsuccessful, although the children do read a few extra books. The reason for failure is that no method is used. You can tell a child to go read more books, but without a method to do it successfully, it will not work. The Read 5 Books in A Week Program is carefully constructed to reverse soul wounds about reading, boost brain functions, and increase passion for learning. When these three are not addressed, success is limited.”

 To start the process with your entire family, follow these steps:

  • Obtain the Read 5 Books in a Week Entire Program.
  • Parents can scan the books first to understand the principles before the children start the program.
  • Next start your children on the program, and show them by example that you are reading your five books in a week, too. Use the guides that are in the entire package to work with your children.
  • Set up a party or reward for the children and your entire family when the first goal of five books is completed.
  • Make sure you start conversations at the dinner table and in the car with your children about the books they are reading.
  • Invite your friends over to talk to the children about their newly learned topics to encourage confidence in discussing topics with adults.
  • Think about books and reading whatever you do. Preparing for a vacation? Encourage every family member to read about the destination before you leave. Will your children be attending a summer camp during the next few weeks? Read up on camping or the topic that will be covered at the summer camp. Did something at home break down? Read five books on the matter.

It’s that easy to get started and make reading a family event.