Pilot Studies Prove
The Read 5 Books In A Week Method Works

It is said in the education field that once a child passes third grade with poor reading skills, there is little that can be done for that child. Hopefully, those days for all children in this predicament are over.

Pilot Study: 4th Graders Amazed Their Teacher with Their Results

dreamstime_m_26789298-girl-carrying-lots-of-books copyIn 2010, an entire fourth grade classroom in Sacramento was given the method of how to read 5 books in a week by the program creator, Dr. Donna Schwontkowski. The children thought that reading 5 books in a week would be an awesome achievement, even though many of them doubted their own ability to complete it. They began the process with the aid of their teacher, Ms. Courtnay Kaump, and ended up reading 8 books that first week.

Other findings that were discovered with the fourth graders included:

  • Once children set a higher goal for reading than what they had ever imagined – and have a successful method to achieve it, they break through their own reading barriers and attain higher levels of reading.
  • When reading levels improve, spelling does, too.
  • When students were confident about their reading, they were happier and grades improved.
  • One of the signs of changing attitudes towards reading is when students repeatedly request to go to the library. Another is when students read longer books

Pilot Study: 5th Graders Blossom Scholastically with the Read 5 Books in A Week Program

In 2012, an entire fifth grade classroom in Sacramento was given the method of how to read 5 books in a week by the program creator. This class included several students who had diagnosed learning disabilities, yet these students were not given any special instructions on how to do the program.

Here is a list of the results found with this pilot study:

  • Students’ fluency and comprehension levels rose significantly 12% in the first week.
  • When students read five books in a week, their spelling scores improved, too
  • Students – including ones who were reading underachievers – went from not wanting to read books at all to reading books that were 500 or even 700 pages long.
  • Not only did good students improve their reading, but also all five students struggling to meet grade levels 
became proficient in reading. Test taking became easier for students.
  • Students continued reading after the first week. The longer they continued using the method, the higher 
their grades rose.

The Read 5 Books in A Week Program is a completely tested reading program and one proven to work very well.

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