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Sacramento Parents Not Worried Anymore About The Statistic That Inability To Read By Third Grade
Predicts School Dropouts, Drug Use and Prison Sentences

(SACRAMENTO, CA – April 18, 2010] – Poor reading scores are common across the nation but according to a local Education Specialist’s recent pilot study, Sacramento CA students can excel in reading, no matter what their reading level is today.

When Dr. Donna Schwontkowski, Founder of Million Dollar Memory challenged fourth graders to read five books in a week, the results were nothing short of amazing. Every one of the students – good as well as poor students – read five books that week, but many of them read eight books in the week the very first week.

“Initially I had doubts that they would read all the books but after Dr. Donna explained the process, the students got pretty excited and were willing to give it a try,” Courtnay Kaump, 4th Grade Teacher at Twin Rivers Elementary School in Sacramento CA. “The Read 5 Books in A Week method worked well, and lightened up my teaching load, too! All students who were below grade level in reading are now at or exceeding their grade level expectancy.”

Even though students had extra work to do, they immersed themselves in the program and exceeded expectations. But these weren’t the only good things that resulted.

During the pilot study, these additional findings were discovered:

  • Once children set a higher goal for reading than what they had ever imagined – and have a successful method to achieve it, they break through their own reading barriers and attain higher levels of reading.
  • When reading levels improve, spelling does, too.
  • When students were confident about their reading, they were happier and grades improved.
  • One of the signs of changing attitudes towards reading is when students repeatedly request to go to the library. Another is when students read longer books.

“It’s not only the students who are happier because they have overcome their reading difficulties. Their parents are especially happy. Many were worried about their children not being able to read and didn’t want their child to end up as a dropout statistic,” Kaump said.

“There are very few resources available for teachers and parents right now for students past third grade that can improve their reading fluency significantly. This program may be able to fill the gap,” Dr. Donna said.

The Read 5 Books in a Week Reading Program is based on neurological techniques that speed up thinking
processes and teach students to use both left brain logical thinking and right brain creative thinking.

About Million Dollar Memory. Million Dollar Memory techniques have been used to accelerate learning for thousands of students, including graduate students studying difficult scientific information in the 1980s and 1990s.

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