Read5Books PressRelease 2012

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According to the Learning Disabilities Association, 14% of the population has a learning disability.
Dyslexia affects 25% of all children. Reading is difficult with learning disabilities, but new reading
technique pioneered by local education specialist offers hope.

(SACRAMENTO, CA – May 10, 2012)– Poor reading scores are common across America but according to a local Education Specialist’s recent pilot study, Sacramento CA students can excel in reading, no matter what their reading level is today and despite reading disabilities.

When Dr. Donna Schwontkowski, Founder of Million Dollar Memory challenged 34 fifth graders to read five books in a week as part of a larger President’s Program where they learned 1000+ facts and became experts on the 44 U.S. Presidents, many of the students didn’t think they could read that many books and feared the work involved. Yet, every one of the students – good as well as poor students – read five books the first week.

“I had five students with learning disabilities struggling to meet grade level standards in all academic areas. With the Reading Program and President’s Program, my students’ scores shot up to above proficient. Students really enjoyed the challenge of reading five books in a week,” said Courtnay Kaump, 5th grade Sacramento teacher.

The Read 5 Books in A Week Program is based on neurological techniques that speed up thinking and allow integration of the right and left sides of the brain. The method worked for even the most difficult of students who had used psychological strategies to avoid reading at all costs.

The key findings in this pilot study project included:

  • Students’ fluency and comprehension levels rose significantly 12% in the first week.
  • Students went from not wanting to read books at all to reading books that were 500 or even 700 pages long.
  • When students read five books in a week, their spelling scores improved, too.
  • Not only did good students improve their reading, but also all five students struggling to meet grade levels became proficient in reading. Test taking became easier for students.
  • Students continued reading after the first week. The longer they continued using the method, the higher their grades rose.

“Having a method to read five books a week opens the door to all academic pursuits, self-confidence, and the feeling that life is fun. Children make reading an adventure once they have this skill. It allows possibilities and opportunities for them in life,” Dr. Donna Schwontkowski said.

“I see a big difference in my students when they use Dr. Donna’s methods. My students have applied her same strategies in other projects in the classroom. I love it that they are excited and engaged in reading. One student went from 3rd grade reading level to sixth grade and reads books with up to 500 pages now. Another went from an F in spelling to an A. One girl faked reading at home and now loves reading. The miracles are astounding,” Courtnay Kaump said. “I wholeheartedly recommend the Read 5 Books in a Week method to other teachers.”

Million Dollar Memory techniques have revolutionized not only reading but also the memorization of details for students in all walks of life since the 1980s when Donna Schwontkowski, then a student at a chiropractic college in the Midwest began creating accelerated learning methods for students out of necessity. The methods allowed her to maintain high grades while she was enrolled in a doctoral program and master’s degree program simultaneously. She taught thousands of students her Million Dollar Memory techniques over the last few decades.

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