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Children Can Develop Expertise in Several Topics At A Very Early Age By Reading 5 Books A Week

(CARMICHAEL, CA – June 12, 2015)– With students out of school for the summer, structuring daily activities for them can be a challenge. However, a new revolutionary reading program proven to be effective with 4th and 5th graders can keep them busy while simultaneously easing parents’ worries about their children’s academic success and future.

In two pilot studies between 2010 and 2012, the Read 5 Books in A Week Program transformed students’ reading skills, with some students jumping three grade levels in reading and improving spelling from D or F to A or B.

“My goal with the Read 5 Books in a Week Program this summer is for 100,000 students to develop such a passion for reading and learning that they never have to worry about reading skills ever again. This can make a significant difference in reading scores. Our pilot studies already proved this is possible,” said Dr. Donna Schwontkowski, reading program creator and founder of Million Dollar Memory.

Unlike other reading programs that focus on phonics, eye exercises, or computer programs, the Read 5 Books in a Week Program is based on neurological techniques that speed up thinking, which increases reading speed via integration of the right and left sides of the brain.

Courtnay Kaump, 5th grade teacher and one of the top teachers in her school was involved in the earlier pilot studies. The Read 5 Books in A Week Program more than tripled the number of students in her classes that were proficient in their academic work.

This new revolutionary reading program is one that is easily started and involves first reading through the main book, How to Read 5 Books in a Week with your child. A lesson manual is also available if parents desire a step-by-step process for each day of the week. The method includes:

  • how to choose the first five books from the library
  • how to begin the reading process
  • how to incorporate audio books in the process
  • how to write book reports
  • how to keep a record of books read
  • additional instruction manuals for working with younger children and teens

“When a child struggles with reading, there are ‘soul wounds’ that have to be addressed. These soul wounds occur when they are teased about poor reading skills. Children take negative comments to heart – and it ends up blocking their ability to read and learn. When those children grow up, the soul wounds are still there unless they are dealt with (as in the Read 5 Books Program). This is partly why over 50% of adults in the U.S. are unable to read at an 8th grade level,” Dr. Donna said.

“This is why I believe the Read 5 Books in a Week Program can begin healing entire families on multiple levels. A parent who still has soul wounds may inadvertently pass on the hurt by believing that his/her child will also suffer the same hurts. They discourage the child to pursue academics without realizing it,” she continued. “This program is created for the entire family – and instructions are given in the Parents’ Guide on how to approach children of different ages.”

During a summer, a child may easily read 20 books and develop expertise in that topic, which boosts confidence. When children successfully complete reading 20 books on one topic, they receive a Million Dollar Memory certificate as an expert on that topic and are entered in the Million Dollar Memory Hall of Fame. They begin building their resume at an early age.

Million Dollar Memory techniques have revolutionized not only reading but also the memorization of details for students in all walks of life since the 1980s. Donna Schwontkowski, then a student at a chiropractic college in the Midwest, began creating accelerated learning methods for students out of necessity. The methods allowed her to maintain high grades while she was enrolled in a doctoral program and master’s degree program simultaneously. She taught thousands of students her Million Dollar Memory techniques over the last few decades.

For more information about the Read 5 Books in A Week Program, please go to or call Dr. Donna directly at 916-649-8323.