Reading Statistics

  • A child with great reading skills has a greater chance of graduating from high school.
  • Students who read at home are better readers and are better at math compared to those who don’t.
  • One of the top determinants of a good reader is that the child must read a lot. Practice makes perfect.
  • Reading scores rise when children read for fun.
  • Only 49% of high school students read more than 10 books a year while 70% of middle school students do.
  • 38% of fourth graders are below the basic level for reading. Only 31% scored Proficient and a small 7% were rated Advanced.
  • Business executives in the highest positions find time to read more books than the average adult who only reads 10 per year. Reading 10 books a year is less than one per month, or one every 30 days.
  • When parents are involved in their children’s reading (programs), the children in a classroom score 28 points above the national average.

2013 Reading Scores of Fourth Graders By Selected States

dreamstime_m_16794483-girl-stack-of-books-head-tilted copy (1)Reading statistics of children in the U.S. don’t paint a pretty picture. Decide for yourself whether or not America can stay on top as a nation if children have these types of reading scores. The average score for reading in the nation is 221. See how the different states compare.

Reading Score

StatesCaucasianEcon. Disadv & Minorities% of Proficient StudentsImproving or Worsening?
California21318327No change since 2011
Oregon219190-19433No change since 2011
Washington 225197-20540Slight improvement
Idaho219193-19733No change
Arizona213185-19028No change
New Mexico206179-19121No change
Texas217189-19328No change
Illinois219186-19234No change
New York224198-20237No change
New Jersey229200-20342No change
Vermont22820242No change
Pennsylvania226199-20240No change
Ohio224188-20737No change
Wisconsin221185-19435No change
North Carolina222193-19735No change
Michigan217189-20231No change
Utah223190-20137No change
Missouri222194-21335No change

Source: National Education Association.


How Does Your Child Compare?

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