Specific Benefits of the
Read 5 Books Program

The benefits of the Read 5 Books in A Week Program are actually incalculable and unstoppable because once your child feels the inspiration from reading, there’s no place to go but up and up and up. When you start the program, you are laying down seeds of promise, seeds of passion, seeds of excitement for learning, and seeds for success.

Benefits Already Seen in the Children Tested

  • Immediate improvement in the ability to read
  • Speed and fluency of reading improves
  • Confidence in reading ability and improved reading comprehension
  • Better spelling grades
  • AR scores jump to where they should be, and then surpass that level
  • Attention span and thinking speed improves
  • Short-term and long-term memory improvements

dreamstime_m_29912749-girl-jumping-in-joy-webThe longer your child continues to use the Read 5 Books in a Week Program, the more knowledge he’s gaining.

The more he knows, the smarter he’ll feel.

The smarter he feels, the more confident he becomes.

And as a parent watching this happen, you can’t help but jump for joy yourself!

It’s All About Bringing Out the Very Best in Your Child

Your child’s future is unlimited with this program. Your daughter could become an expert in several different topics by the end of this school year – or by the end of the summer.

Your son could amaze all your friends at your next dinner party with what he knows about dinosaurs or whales, even though he’s only 6 years old. And who knows where that knowledge will lead to; perhaps he’ll be the youngest tour guide on a whaling tour boat or the next amazing scientist who cracks the code on the language of whales.

Or maybe he’ll identify dinosaur bones in your backyard that leads to the next major dinosaur find of the century.

Whatever topics your child reads five books on from now on, you’ll rest assured that every dollar you spent on this program has given you multiple rewards.

 This one investment in your child’s education is worth much more than that last computer game or software, and even all the previous books and educational toys you’ve purchased in the last year.

But Here’s a Secret – The Reading Program Isn’t Only for Your Child. It’s for You, as Well

Reading statistics show us that the children aren’t the only ones who are escaping the school system without mastering reading.

  • About 46% of adults can’t read the labels on their prescription medications.
  • 21 million Americans can’t read at all.
  • 44 million adults don’t read well enough to read a child a story.
  •  And since the 1980s, over 10 million Americans made it to their senior year in high school with less than basic reading level.

It’s a sensitive issue… you may be one of the adults in these statistics but you can change all that with the Read 5 Books in a Week Program.

Not only will your children succeed with the program, but you and your entire family will, too.

How smart do you feel? How you do reading is a reflection of how confident you are, how smart you feel, and how you act.

What would you do with a faster reading and faster thinking speed? What would you do when you have three new areas of expertise? How much more valued will you be in your job and amongst your friends?

family-togetherness-webWhat if your entire family took on the challenge of reading 5 books in a week?

You see, it’s not just the better grades, greater self-confidence and the feeling that life is an awesome adventure and all problems are manageable that you should consider.

Imagine it this way. When your entire family takes on this challenge, you’re all developing your personalities to a whole new dimension.

At the dinner table, you’re most likely to talk about ideas and changing the world instead of problems and what other people did that offended you. This only enhances the feeling of togetherness.


family-togetherness2-webAnd when one of life’s many challenges like a financial situation presents itself, your family won’t act like a lot of other families. Your kids will simply get busy reading since reading solves just about every problem that could arise.

Johnny reads five books on the latest technological inventions to invest in.

Sara reads five books on how kids can earn cash.

Jarad reads five books on negotiation tactics in every situation.

And Randy reads five books on how to streamline one’s finances.

The net result is that your family’s reading ability opened up a whole new dimension to a better life and solved your problem.

How would your family fare without the Read 5 Books in A Week Reading Program?

It’s your choice. Get the program now and never have to wonder what life could have been like…

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