Who is Million Dollar Memory?

DrDonna-CYMKMillion Dollar Memory, Inc. is a California company dedicated to excellence in life and in school through phenomenal levels of brainpower. We show you how to achieve an extraordinary memory, exceptional thinking skills, and exceptional reading skills, and use them responsibly to achieve success in whatever you want in life. Million Dollar Memory was founded by Dr. Donna Schwontkowski (ret. D.C.).

While earning her doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine and a Master's degree in Nutrition simultaneously in 1986, Donna Schwontkowski started investigating how to learn large amounts of information quickly. She became certified in the Lozanov Method of Accelerated Learning; however, this method was too time intensive for advanced science courses. Faced with little available time for studying, she had to make every minute count.

When a professor asked her to tutor students in microbiology, she used the experience as a way to develop new accelerated learning techniques that would improve memory and grades. The methods she created were vastly different than those used in traditional classrooms. Students found that the methods boosted grades from D's and F's to A's between the midterm and the final. They also relieved stress during studying. With such a rapid transformation in grades and confidence in subject matter, instructors thought the students were cheating on exams. However, the instructors realized their mistake when the students challenged the instructor, consenting to an oral exam. Their fast thinking speed, correct retrieval of information, and ability to also mention and explain similar answers astounded the instructors.

Dr. Donna’s seminars became viral on campus. The dozens of students she tutored multiplied to hundreds and then thousands. She created 20+ accelerated learning courses for their curriculum, saving them hours of study time. When tested, their recall never fell below a 78% (one student) with no review of the information for one week. Most of them scored in the upper 90s.

Million Dollar Memory Adds Revolutionary Method for Face Identification

ebookcoverMDMNF3D2x3In 2001, the 9/11 event prompted Dr. Donna to use her accelerated learning techniques to create a textbook of memory methods that included her own method to help people remember faces flawlessly. The Million Dollar Memory Method of Face Recognition took four years to develop.

When taught to 29 police officers, aged 20 to 60, the officers improved their scores on a face identification test by 187%. Their language in describing faces also became more specific. Many commented on the need for the method to be taught in police academies.

Fourth Graders Master Face
Recognition & Learning

forensicartist-holdsuppicWhen the Million Dollar Memory Method of Face Identification was taught to fourth graders, the Sacramento Police Department offered to set up a fake crime in their classroom to test their newly gained face recognition skills. After a suspect snatched a purse in the front of the class, the students got busy and wrote a list of different facial characteristics of the suspect.

The average number of face characteristics recalled in the general population is six but the students had over 20 characteristics on their list. The local news media captured the event. The forensic artist in this picture is showing a near replication of the suspect's face based on the students' description, which could have easily led to an arrest.

Read 5 Books Program Successful
in 4th & 5th Graders

Newscaster woman Kia on kids big day 5th gradersIn 2010, the Read 5 Books in a Week Program was birthed, and taught to fourth graders at Twin Rivers Elementary School. All children read eight books in the first week and continued reading for the rest of the year.

In 2012, the Read 5 Books in a Week Program was taught to 34 fifth graders at Two Rivers Elementary School as part of the Who Was That President? Program. In this program, students learned how to memorize 1000 facts about the 44 Presidents and their pets. They earned certificates as President Historians, President Pets Experts, and Memory Masters. Local news media captured the story and featured the class. The story was rated as one of the most popular stories that day.

As with every other school where Million Dollar Memory methods are taught, the grades of all students increased drastically. The fifth grade teacher was congratulated by the District office for her fine work as her students improvement was unprecedented. Interestingly, the school's API scores increased 67 points.

Million Dollar Memory’s mission is excellence in academics and in life by building extraordinary memory ability, exceptional thinking skills, and highly advanced reading skills. All this leads to success in life and success in school.

In this picture, you see the Fox 40 News Reporter who interviewed fifth graders on their exceptional achievements.