Your Child’s Success /
Failure in Life is Tied to His Psychology



 As adults, we tend to take reading for granted. We somehow miss seeing the inner turmoil of a child who can’t read. We can see that a child is struggling in school but don’t really understand what’s at the bottom of the situation.

We can’t go inside his or her mind and read his thoughts about himself when his reading ability is not up to par.

When Your Child Can’t Read, He is Telling Himself He is Stupid, how many negative thoughts do you think it will take for that child to develop millions of nerve cells in his brain that reinforce that he’s stupid, worthless, and will never amount to anything? And what type of life will that type of brain end up producing?

Educational experts report that the longer a child stays at a low reading level, the more this impacts the child’s life negatively. Income on a job later in life is often tied to reading ability.

And of course, a low level of reading means poor grades and the possibility of dropping out from school altogether.

Once that happens, what’s it going to take to get your child to become a happy and productive member of society?

Set Your Child on the Right Road in Life

The early years are the time when reading must be mastered.

Imagine where your child could be after learning this new skill of how to read five books in a week.

If your child is having any type of reading difficulties, you must intervene now while you still have the chance to turn the situation around.

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